Demonstrate alternatives to unsustainable housing models-draw attention to issues of sustainability in existing housing.

Project / Strategy:

Audit, dismantle, and rebuild using existing McMansion materials to create 2 homes, applying best practice environmentally sustainable design principles.

Key Terms / Concepts:

‘Down sizing’
‘Up cycling’

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1.    Project Team
2.    Cheap Energy, Suburban Sprawl and Big Houses
3.    Project Scope
4.    Thoughts Around the McMansion: Dr Naomi Stead
5.    Energy and Water Assessment: Jason Veale
6.    Embodied Energy Report: Peter Smith
7.    Key Interventions and Strategies
8.    Benefits to client / Home owner
9.    What the Reincarnated McMansion will look like
10.   Bill of Quantities
11.   Trouble Shooting
12.   Project conception timeline – Artist Mathieu Gallois
13.   Project Team CVs
14.  Engage/Contact